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Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Joseph L. Mankiewicz (screenplay)

Ranald MacDougall (screenplay)
Plot Summary:: Epic saga of the legendary Queen's reign from the time Julius Caesar arrived in Egypt until her death some 18 years later. Cleopatra is portrayed as a schemer, firstly to gain control over the Egyptian kingdom from her brother with whom she ruled jointly. Having gained the confidence of Caesar, they become lovers and she bears him the son he never had. Her attempts at ensuring that the boy takes his rightful place in Rome are thwarted when Caesar is assassinated and she flees back to Egypt. Many years later Marc Antony, now responsible for the eastern half of the Roman Empire, seeks an alliance with Egypt. He and Cleopatra become lovers and form a military alliance but are forced to retreat after losing a major naval encounter at Actium. Both eventually take their own lives.
Elizabeth Taylor ... Cleopatra

Richard Burton ... Mark Antony

Rex Harrison ... Julius Caesar

Pamela Brown ... High Priestess

George Cole ... Flavius

Hume Cronyn ... Sosigenes

Cesare Danova ... Apollodorus

Kenneth Haigh ... Brutus

Andrew Keir ... Agrippa

Martin Landau ... Rufio

Roddy McDowall ... Octavian - Caesar Augustus

Robert Stephens ... Germanicus

Francesca Annis ... Eiras

Grégoire Aslan ... Pothinus

Martin Benson ... Ramos



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