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Director: Jerry Schatzberg

Barra Grant (writer)

Florence Montgomery (novel)
Plot Summary:: Gene Hackman (Ned)- and Rip Torn (Will) - portraying believable Americans in a believable situation in Tunisia. After the death of his wife Ned who never had to deal with his two young sons suddenly is faced with his son acting out and rebelling. Will talks with Ned about the grief and feelings of Henry Thomas (Andrew), and how Hackman has misunderstood Andrew's grief and his behavior, father and son finally come to terms.
Gene Hackman ... Ned Rawley

Henry Thomas ... Andrew

Rip Torn ... Will

Huckleberry Fox ... Miles

Maureen Kerwin ... Kate

Susan Anspach ... Lilly

June Brown ... Mrs. Paley

Helen Ryan ... Lucy

Nadim Sawalha ... Ahmed

Nidal Al-Askhar ... Mrs. Jallouli

Khaled Akrout ... Electronic Shop Owner

Rajah Gafsi ... Ali-Baroutta Cafe Owner

Moheddine Mrad ... Kassir

James R. Cope ... Mr. Grace

Halima Daoud ... Aisha



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